Fame: Players and coaches will be punished for making mistakes. Why won’t the judges of the Premier League be punished?

Live broadcast, August 22 -david Aldrich, a famous Liverpool celebrity, pointed out in his personal “echo” column that most people did not think that a pedaling in McAllister’s match against Bournemouth was worth being punished, since players and coaches will be punished or banned for making mistakes, should referees who make mistakes receive similar treatment? “McAllister was sentenced to show a red card directly. I’m really not sure how he was sent off. I was confused about the penalty. It shouldn’t be a red card. The action was completely harmless. McAllister went to grab the ball, but the timing was a little wrong. It was not good for McAllister to fall down like Bournemouth players. In addition to this penalty, I actually think the referee on duty has done a good job.” “The root of the problem is that VAR did not tell the referee Thomas Bramall that he should go to the court and look back at the video. Because you watch the playback does not mean that the penalty will be overturned automatically, but at least you should have a look! Paul Tierney is the head of VAR in this game, and many problems Liverpool encountered in the past are related to him.” “Tierney watched the fight and thought there was no need to change the penalty on the court, which was worth noting. Football players and coaches will be punished for their mistakes, so why can the judges of the Premier League escape punishment if they make mistakes that have such great influence on the result of the match? Tierney should be on vacation on the coming weekend.” “Liverpool have appealed against this red card now, but who knows whether this red card can be canceled. If you ask any neutral fan whether McAllister should be sent off, maybe about 90% of people think it shouldn’t be. This explains everything. We all know what a red card looks like, but it’s not a red card. We have seen worse fouls without due punishment.” (Lin Yuan)

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