Neymar played French for six years but did not know French! And the new teammate coolibali asked about the embarrassing scene

Live broadcast on August 22 according to the report of Rome sports newspaper, although Neymar played for six years in France, he could not understand the French spoken by his new teammate coolibali. Neymar has officially joined the Saudi team new moon in Riyadh, but when he asked his new teammates, Neymar encountered an embarrassing scene. He could not understand the French spoken by coolibali. Coolibali, who owns the nationalities of Senegal and France, joined the new moon in Riyadh in June this year. When Neymar came to say hello, coolibali spoke French to communicate with Neymar, but Neymar couldn’t understand, so he had to show an awkward smile. Coolibali then asked, “Can you speak French?” Neymar replied, “only a little.” This episode made everyone laugh. However, Rome sports newspaper said that Neymar joined Paris Saint Germain in the summer of 2017, but he could not understand French for six years in France. This scene was published online and aroused heated discussion among fans. (Su erhu)

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