Mother talked about elmoso being strongly kissed by the President of the Football Association: they are world champions, and other things are not important.

Live Bar, August 22-Spain defeated England 1-0 in the final of the Women’s World Cup and won the first World Cup championship in young pioneer team history. After the game, Spanish women’s football player Jenny El Moso was strongly kissed by Spanish football association president rlby Les. On Monday, Jenny elmoso’s mother talked about her feelings about the incident in an interview. “The point is that they are world champions, and other things are insignificant.” Elmoso’s mother asked the public to focus on the women’s football girls winning the World Cup championship, and she did not want to make more comments on the event that her daughter was forced to kiss. As for the players, El Moso said that the kissing behavior originated from the deep feelings and friendship between the two sides. (Qizi cake)

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