Pedura: Inter is willing to rent Correa, Betis & Turin & Premier League & Turkish team

Live broadcast on August 22 News famous journalist pedura revealed that Inter Milan is willing to rent Correa, Betis, Turin and some Premier League and Turkish teams are interested in him. Pedura said: “Inter Club is already willing to rent Correa, but buyers need to pay high rental fees and add the right of first purchase. At present, Betis, Turkish club and several Premier League clubs are all interested in players, and Turin is also trying hard. Sáches’ return to Inter? It is possible.” Argentina striker Correa, 29, joined Inter Milan in 2021 and has performed poorly in Inter Milan in the past two seasons. Inter Milan intends to let him leave the team this summer and try the visa-free front-line veteran Nicholas. (Su erhu)

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