Is it Sanjiao or sun Xingzhen? Britain has two rounds ahead of time. Which match impressed you most?

Live broadcast bar, August 22 -premier league officials have just updated the social media trends, reviewing some wonderful performances on the England Premier Soccer League court after the two rounds of the new season.

Among the examples listed by the Premier League officials, Brighton defeated the Wolves 4-1, and the three stars once broke several people in a very wonderful way. Newcastle beat Vera 5-1, and tonali scored in his first show.

Tottenham Hotspur won 2-0 in the focus battle with Manchester United. Vera defeated Everton 4-0 and West Ham defeated Chelsea 3-1. Manchester City also scored 6 points in the first two rounds.

Premier League officials pushed to initiate interaction. Which match in the first two rounds left you the deepest impression?


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