Maca: Real Madrid jersey sales return to last year, bellinumavenga venius is the most popular

Live Bar, August 22 news this summer, Bellingham transferred from Dort to Real Madrid at a price of 0.103 billion euros. After the start of the new season, he also showed his ability and good state. He has contributed 3 goals and 1 assist in 2 games.

Marca newspaper said that Bellingham’s jersey has been selling well since the preseason. In the summer of 2022, due to Real Madrid winning the 14th Champions League in young pioneer team history, the sales volume of the team’s jerseys also increased significantly, and venius became a hot world-class star. Now, with the arrival of Bellingham, the sales volume of Real Madrid fans has soared to the level of last summer. The jerseys of Bellingham, camavenga and venius are the most popular among Real Madrid fans and are at the same level.


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