Saudi media: Taliska was included in the list of victory Asian champions in Riyadh✅Fofana lost❌

Live broadcast on August 22 according to the Saudi media “the newspaper of Riyadh”, the Brazilian attacker tariska who won the Asian Championship will be included in the list.

Yesterday, Saudi media reported that the Victory coach Castro of Riyadh decided to exclude tariska from the Asian Champions League list, and tariska might withdraw from the team. Many European media also reported this today. However, according to the latest report of the “Riyadh news” today, Talika and Konan (left-back of Ivory Coast) will be included in the Asian Champions League play-off list, and the new aid Seko Fofana in 25 million European Games will be defeated.

The registration of the Asian crown is limited to 5 foreign aid +1 Asian. The Victory coach Castro of Riyadh has previously revealed that Ronaldo, Brozovich and Mane will participate in the play-off. In addition, Brazilian left-back Trice was absent due to injury.

At 1:20, Beijing time on August 23, the Asian Champions League play-off, the victory of Riyadh will face Dubai nationals, and the winner will advance to the Asian Champions League.


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