Merida retired halfway through the season? Reporter: By the end of the contract with Jinmen Tiger, we will not do this at all.

Live broadcast on August 22 News in response to the rumor that Jinmen Tiger foreign aid Merida planned to retire, reporter Gu Ying made a rumor in the social media.

As the absolute midfield core of the Jinmen Tigers, 33-year-old Merida has played 21 times this season, contributing 1 goal and 3 assists. Regarding the rumor that Merida retired, Gu Ying wrote:

“Suddenly, several friends asked Merida about whether to retire. It seems that some time ago, it was passed down for a while, and he also said that he had found a club, and the club retained to play again, and told the club to find someone quickly and so on…… This is basically impossible, because Merida’s contract with Tiger will end at the end of the season. If professional players do not encounter extremely special circumstances, they will not do this kind of retirement halfway, involving breach of contract and compensation. As for the expiration of the contract with Tiger at the end of this year, Merida’s choice not to retire is his choice. If he does not retire, he will not renew his contract with Tiger, which is his two-way choice with Tiger. But from my personal point of view, I can’t see the exact signs that Merida is going to retire.”


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