Western media: Manchester City hopes to get rid of Cancelo before closing the window and is ready to facilitate his departure.

Live broadcast on August 22 according to Spanish media ARA, Cancelo’s wish to wear Barcelona jersey this season does not only exist in the ideal, because Manchester City hopes to get rid of this player before the transfer market closes, and was ready to facilitate his departure. Last Thursday, Barcelona officially confirmed their interest in players to Manchester City through candello’s agent Mendes, and the door for players to transfer was not closed.

Before that, Manchester City only received interest from Arsenal and several teams in Saudi Arabia in Cancelo. Barcelona’s proposal is a lease with the option to buy, but Cancelo needs to accept a pay cut (Cancelo needs to give up the salary in Barcelona, which requires the player’s own consent).

At present, Manchester City has not responded positively to Barcelona’s offer. They will continue to wait for the arrival of the new offer before making a final decision. But Manchester City is completely clear that Cancelo’s intention is to go to Barcelona, because this is also the message that Mendes, the player’s agent, conveyed to Blue Moon. The relationship between Cancelo and Manchester City coach Guadiola is not ideal, and guacai believes that the right-back position of the team has been well guaranteed under the condition of having Carl Walker. In addition, manchester City also has young Rico Lewis in this position.

As for Barcelona, since Alves left in 2016, they have not been able to find a very suitable player in the right-back position, which leads to the fact that since then, there are many players who are not familiar with the right-back position. As we have seen so far, Araujo will often make guest calls to the right-back, but he will be absent for about a month if he is injured.

For Manchester City, the ideal situation is to get rid of Celo once and for all this summer, but they also realize that Barcelona is facing financial difficulties and they cannot pay transfer fees in the short term. Therefore, Manchester City will also consider leasing with the option of purchase, but in any case, this method cannot guarantee Cancelo to join Barcelona.

As far as the current situation of Barcelona is concerned, they still have four players waiting for registration when the league has already started: the injured Inigo-Martínez, Marcos-Alonso, Penia and Valde. Therefore, Barcelona cannot make a definite offer to Manchester City because they are unable to register Cancelo.

But Barcelona still has a trump card to solve this problem: using the influence of Barça Media (the new name of Barcelona studio), which was officially established last week. According to ARA, Barcelona would receive 60 million euros before August 29, and they only spent 40 million euros of them.

In addition, there are still players in the Barcelona team that need to be cleaned, such as Langley and Durst. The departure of these two players will release the team’s salary space, in this way, they will be able to deal with the operation of Cancelo transfer before closing the summer transfer window. In any case, this will be the last action.

(Ma Dongyu)

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